Global Light Rail Vehicle Traction Motor Market 2021-2026


LRT vehicles are normally made up of two or three cars and move at an average speed of 55–60 km/h on routes with more stops/stations and 65–70 km/h on lines with fewer stops/stations.
The frequency of LRT service is often adjusted to demand and changes during the day, ranging from 12 dep/h (every 5 minutes) to 4 dep/h (every 15 minutes) during the day and 1–12 dep/h (every half or an hour) at night.
The traction system is the system that drives the propulsion of a vehicle and obtains the driving power or tractive force from different devices such as electric motors, steam engine drives, diesel engine dives, and so on. Traction systems may be divided into two categories.

Europe Metro Rolling Stock Market 2021-2026


The railway superstructure and train stock combine to produce a complicated mechanical system. Wears arise as a result of the interface between the rolling stock and the rail, both at the wheel profile and on the rail.
This wear generates contact pressures that hasten the degradation of the railway track. This condition necessitates costly maintenance work on both rails and rolling stock wheels.
A relevant and sustainable mass transit system is thus required to ensure that people have access to adequate mobility. The rolling stock consists of powered or trailer carriages, wagons, or rakes that run on a rail track.

Global Metro rolling stock market 2022-2027


Rolling stock has major role in any developing and developed economy, be it for light rail transit, freight movement or inter-city transportation.

Europe Light Rail Vehicle Market 2021-2026


A light rail transportation system consists of trolleys, streetcars, or other, generally electric modes of conveyance, the tracks of which are mostly on surface streets shared with other modes of transportation.

Light rail vehicles, sometimes known as trolleys, have the same rights and obligations as other vehicles on public roads. Although everyone is required to observe the same traffic regulations, trolleys necessitate unique handling abilities.

Light rail mode is inferior to buses for operation in mixed traffic on surface streets. on the lines with partial or full separation light rail offers a quality-of-service superior to that of buses.

Global Urban Rail Transit Design and Construction Market Growth (Status and Outlook) 2022-2028


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