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RMR Rail Market Research is a one-stop-store based on an integrated online platform and offers well-founded information about markets, innovative technologies, political framework conditions and companies in order to make the right entrepreneurial decisions in an increasingly complex information situation.

RMR is operated by the experts of ASTRAN Business Consulting GmbH. ASTRAN is a company from Kiel, Germany, specialized in strategy consulting, project and process management. At ASTRAN, we are passionate about the railway market. Every day we deal with what is happening in the international railway landscape. In order to provide our clients with the best possible information, we maintain a variety of databases with up-to-date business, product and technical information on industry-specific companies.

Our Vision

The online platform RMR Rail Market Research bundles the worldwide information about the rail markets in order to make sound and structured market information easily available in an increasingly complex information situation. With this we want to help to increase the attractiveness of rail-based transport to shift passenger and freight traffic to rail and to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector. Combined with the dynamic of social and technological change processes brought about by digitization, the modal shift and thus the implementation of the European climate targets will result in new technical solutions, changed markets and new business areas.

RMR offers, as a one-stop-store, information for entrepreneurs, investors, but also for politics and national as well as international business promoters as well as science and research, but also helps to understand the political framework and to initiate appropriate change processes. In particular, we want to help SMEs to develop and improve their market position in a structured way through easy information gathering.

Our Mission

RMR becomes one of the world’s largest railway market research store. This is where the information threads of the worldwide rail markets come together. Globally recognized and successful analysts, researchers and authors develop beneficial railway market information.

In this way, we bring value to our customers by delivering the best quality products and services, supporting them in their mission. We believe that our customer’s success leads to our success.

RMR, the rail market specialist, connect rail businesses with rail market insights to enable intelligent decision-making and thus opens up opportunities for the development of new products and new business models for attractive rail transport.

Our quality management system is audited we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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