Global Metro Rolling Stock Market 2022-2027

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Rolling stock has major role in any developing and developed economy, be it for light rail transit, freight movement or inter-city transportation.



INTRODUCTION – Global Metro Rolling Stock Market 2022-2027

Rolling stock has major role in any developing and developed economy, be it for light rail transit, freight movement or inter-city transportation.


In US, Amtrak has been exploring market options for modernising its fleet since June 2018. It wants to replace coach cars, trainsets and self-propelled units which can provide its customers a comfortable riding experience, with improved ride quality and reliability.

High speed rail is an important mode of transport for long distance travel in Europe. The importance of high-speed rail in Europe can be testified by the fact that since the launch of the Frecciarossa brand 10 years ago in Italy, rail’s share of the market has almost doubled on the Rome – Milan corridor had grown from 35% to 66%.


  1. Jan 2020– Stadler won an order for its new gen tram which features driver assistance system with traffic sign recognition, a new bogie design to optimize the use of space and improve maintainability, and an air- conditioning system with CO2as the refrigerant
  2. Jan 2020-The first driver-less metro line in Hamburg has been formally handed over to operator Hamburger Hochbahn for construction to be completed by 2021
  3. Jan 2020– Switzerland based Chemin de Fer Nyon-Saint-Cergue-Morez  awarded Stadler a contract to supply six two-car electric multiple-units. The EMUs will be delivered between late 2021 and early 2022
  4. Dec 2019– CRRC started testing Chicago Series 7000 metro cars. CRRC won the order to supply upto 846 metro vehicles in 2016 and will be assembling it in the Hegewisch district.
  5. November 2019 –Southern California’s San Bernardino County Transportation Authority awarded Stadler a contract to supply a Flirt H2 hydrogen fuel cell powered multiple-unit to enter passenger service in 2024, with an option for four more units.
  6. September 2019- Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority awarded Hyundai Rotem a $278·5 Million sole-source contract to supply 80 double-deck coaches. The new coaches will replace single deck vehicles to increase capacity on the Boston commuter rail network by more than 14 000 seats/day.



The outlook for Europe in 2020-2025 is strong and positive. Many orders are expected for high speed trains in U.K. Switzerland, Netherlands. LRV order are expected in Germany, France and the U.K., especially for commuter and regional trains as well as for metros and light rail vehicles (LRV).


Among the operational LRV(excluding metro) fleet in North America, Siemens is the biggest supplier of LRVs with 32% share(1,000 units) of total LRV. Total North America LRV fleet, as of Dec 2019-3,200 units

The US freight wagon market is among world`s biggest. The present freight wagon fleet size is more than 1.8 Million units.

Hoppers, tankers and flat wagons make up for more than 80% share of overall fleet. Among private freight car owners, Greenbrier and TTX own approximately 0.5M wagons cumulatively. Among rail road operators, BNSF and Union pacific railroad cumulatively had 150,000 wagons.


Metro segment is among the fastest growing rolling stock segment in China. China alone accounted for 60% of global metro rail infrastructure growth in 2018.

  • China accounts for 25% of global metro fleet and 65% of high-speed rail fleet
  • In terms of units, there are about 5,600 high speed trainsets or 60,000 high speed rail cars and ~34,000 metro vehicles in operation as of Jan 2020
  • Most of the vehicles are less than 15 years old hence the replacement demand is lower than new vehicle demand

The addition of 10,000km high speed rail tracks between 2019 and 2024 will create demand for new 2,200-2,500 train sets i.e. 22,000-25,000 high speed rail cars.


CRRC is the global market leader in terms of overall revenue but its dominance is primarily limited to China and some Asian and African countries. In Europe, Bombardier and Alstom are the market leaders whereas, in the North American market, Bombardier, GE Transportation and Kawasaki are the market leaders.

European rolling stock market is consolidated, the top 4 players account for more than 70% market share. Bombardier is the market leader with more than 20% market share, followed by Alstom, Stadler and Siemens Mobility. Remaining 8-9 vendors account for the remaining 30% market.


  1. Rolling stock market segmented by application (Freight wagons, Locomotive, Light rail, Inter-city coaches)
  2. New orders, by vehicle type
  3. Market share of leading vendors
  4. Opportunities, risks and trends for global rolling stock suppliers

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