Mobility Passes in Europe: Chances and Challenges

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Philipp Cerny

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Mobility Passes in Europe: Chances and Challenges

The Russian invasion of Ukraine led to the still ongoing oil- and gas-crisis and increased fuel prices. Governments across the EU are trying to are trying to mitigate the impact on consumers with different measures.  Limiting taxes on diesel and gasoline being the most common approach.
Another approach is trying to convince citizens to use less energy-consuming means of transport.

Germany has introduced a special public transport offer: The so called 9-Euro-Ticket is valid for one month and can be bought for June, July and August. It is limited to 2nd class and is valid on almost all means of public transport except for long-distance trains of Deutsche Bahn and its competitors. This is a big change for German public transport users since the ticket-system is so diversified and complex that even experienced clients face challenges.

While the German offer is mainly aimed at commuters, other countries are trying to bring holiday makers back on the rails.