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At ASTRAN, we are not only passionate about the railway or energy market. An interdisciplinary team deals with a wide range of topics on a daily basis. Whether it’s business, technology, strategy or socioeconomics – in our Insights we regularly give you an insight into exciting topics, explain interrelationships or present technical achievements.

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Knowledge Sharing
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        Knowledge Sharing

        Work and corporate culture is subject to constant change. It adapts to the demands of society and thus enables innovation and progress in the reconciliation of family and work. Knowledge sharing is indispensable for a successful company that wants to embrace this change in order to further develop itself and its corporate culture. Decision-making is facilitated, learning routines are established and innovation and cultural change are promoted. This results in better work performance of all employees – going new ways can therefore move the company forward.

        Knowledge sharing is simply understood as the sharing of information within a company. However, an important characteristic is that sharing is not done on a need-to-know basis. Ideally, information is made freely accessible to all employees with the help of an intranet. The intranet also functions as a platform for internal exchange and direct knowledge transfer. The knowledge made available for exchange can be explicit or rather comprise intuitions. In times of a shortage of skilled workers or a sometimes high fluctuation in individual positions, it makes sense to create a knowledge pool.

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