Akiem S.A.S. – Leasing locomotives for the green shift in transport

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The railway industry is a fascinating and constantly evolving field. At ASTRAN, we share our expertise on the rail industry and offer insights into current trends, policy decisions and technical innovations that are shaping the future of the railway.

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Akiem S.A.S. – Leasing locomotives for the green shift in transport

Akiem S.A.S. (Akiem), based in Saint-Ouen near Paris, France, is a locomotive leasing company that was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of Transport et Logistique Partenaire (TLP) as part of the liberalisation of the French railway market. TLP was created a short time previously through the merger of 39 SNCF subsidiaries.

Until 2000, IVU only planned timetables and the deployment of vehicles and personnel. After the IPO in the same year, the Management Board wanted to acquire expertise in order to be able to offer real-time applications in transport operations. This was achieved with the acquisition of TTi Systems AG. The resulting poor economic situation prompted extensive restructuring measures, which culminated in the resignation of the five-member Management Board and the dismissal of hundreds of employees. It was not until 2005 that the company was back in the black.

However, the financial bottlenecks at the beginning of the 2000s have long been forgotten – the company has been convincing for years with regularly increasing sales and gross profits. The Group has left all business areas outside the transport industry and has specialised exclusively in IT solutions for public transport.

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