Australia Rolling Stock Market 2022-2027


The rolling stock has been used in the rail transportation business to describe every vehicles that may travel by rail. It covers both motorized and non-powered vehicles also including cargo waggons, passengers buses, and other larger vehicles.

Rail Infra market in India 2020-2025


The Indian Railway Ministry is welcoming private players to work world-class trains. Under the task,150 trains have been recognized in the main stage to run on 100 routes. Some private players who are keen on this undertaking are  Hyundai Rotem, Alstom Siemens, Mitsui, Talgo, Adani, Bombardier Transportation India,  and Medha.

Rolling Stock Market in China 2021-2026


China is now a powerhouse in high speed rolling stock manufacturing and exports, and much of that has happened between 2005-2015. 16 years ago(2004), China abandoned its own development attempt at high speed rail development, deciding instead to rely upon Japanese, German, and French technology.

 In 2007, the CRH trains was launched for the first time in China, which is considered a pivotal point in China’s train technology capability .In the same year, the Chinese government started  medium and long-term railway network planning. many high-speed railways have been built since then.

 By the end of 2018, the high-speed railway network in China exceeded 29,000 km, more than 60% of global high speed rail network.

Rolling Stock Market in India 2019-2025


The Indian railway industry was a completely closed industry in the sense that most of the manufacturing and operations of rolling stock was carried out by the state-owned companies. But now, in FY 2019-2020, all of that is set to change. The railways will have 150 private trains by 2023 to start with and the routes that will go for bidding are still being worked upon. During bidding, the operators will be given options — import, buy rakes from an Indian company or on lease.