Digitalisation as the key to the future of the railways

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Digitalisation as the key to the future of the railways

Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG) is in a special crisis: rail traffic is not punctual, there is a lack of vehicles and personnel, the network is overloaded and outdated and the company is heavily indebted. A large number of initiatives and strategies have therefore been implemented to strengthen the long-neglected long-distance, regional and freight transport by rail. This is because demand is growing for this environmentally friendly means of transport and is also being further driven by issues such as e-mobility and climate protection. But are the aforementioned initiatives and strategies targeted?
And who will ensure European standardisation in order to ensure successful interoperability, which is undoubtedly necessary? What are the organisations and initiatives which influence and drive these developments? This article attempts to provide an overview and therefore also an indication of the need for close cooperation in the control and safety systems sector.

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