Global Rolling Stock Market 2021-2026

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As of June 2021, there are more than 200 passenger railway operating companies in the European Union, generating more than 9 billion trips annually. Germany and Switzerland alone have more than 100 rail operators. About 70% of all operators are public(government) owned whereas the remaining are private owned.


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INTRODUCTION – Global Rolling Stock Market 2021-2026

 As of June 2021, there are more than 200 passenger railway operating companies in the European Union, generating more than 9 billion trips annually. Germany and Switzerland alone have more than 100 rail operators. About 70% of all operators are public(government) owned whereas the remaining are private owned.



SI No Timeline Company Developments
1 December 2021 Alstom Alstom is set to expand its industrial base in Morocco with a new production line and they are investing €10.5 million for the production line.
2 December 2021 Hitachi Rail Hitachi Rail and Alstom have signed a joint venture to build, design and maintain the two high speed trains in Britain.
3 December 2021 Hitachi Rail Hitachi has acquired the Bombardier Transportation contribution to the V300 ZEFIRO very high-speed train from Alstrom.
4 November 2021 Alstom Alstom and Eversholt Rail have signed an agreement for the delivery of UK’s first ever brand-new hydrogen train fleet.

 Rail transit is not as big in North America as Europe or China. The US has just over 1,500km network of light rail transit whereas Canada has just over 200km network length.

The freight rail market in North America is 3X bigger than passenger transit because of the sheer length and breadth of the two countries.

 The Indian Railways contributes to ~3% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and has social obligations pegged at $5.3 Billion annually. It is among the few government-owned enterprises which have been incurring losses year-after-year. Railways around the world, like in the US, Europe and Japan have undergone ownership changes. But, Indian railways continue to be monitored by the government.

The Indian Railways plan of exporting its coaches in the global $180 Billion rolling stock market will be a major growth driver for the rolling stock market in India. New coach manufacturing in India has already got a boost by record high CAPEX allocation of ~$900M in the FY 2019-20 budget, a sharp increase as compared to just ~$500M in FY 2018-2019.

Simultaneously, Chinese manufacturers are increasingly targeting foreign markets, partly due to the weakening domestic demand. For example, the large state-owned companies CRRC, China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) and China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) have been able to win orders in almost all world regions in recent years.

 RCG is in the process of developing MIKE, a digital assistant. The tracking application within MIKE shows shipment locations. By means of the ordering function, MIKE supports the ordering of empty wagons and the capacity planning function enables key customers to directly ascertain wagon requirements via specific production capacity planning.

The rapid development of computer vision and Artificial Intelligence has significantly improved the resolution of cameras, the recognition capability of AI algorithms, and the computing cost has plummeted. This means technologies originally used in high-value service scenarios can now be widely adopted in the public transportation industry.

The video AI-based head to shoulder recognition person re-identification technology (which matches people across disjointed camera views in a multi-camera system) on the hardware platform, based on a combination of a low-cost vehicle-mounted camera and edge computing, can be applied in public transportation for passenger flow recognition and precise passenger flow analysis at a low cost.

It provides network planning with an OD matrix that covers all times of day and all passenger flows, which can greatly improve the precision of spatial-temporal matching of transport capacity and passenger flow distribution, as well as increase computing power without adding vehicles. In this way, the transportation network can accommodate more passengers.


Global Rolling stock market is estimated at $XXB in 2020, growing at XX% CAGR by 2026.

The Chinese rail technology market is worth €37bn, and is expected to grow by XX% annually until 2026, with the after-sales market growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of XX%. CHINA National Railways (CR) reported a total of 2.166 billion passenger journeys in 2020, down 39.4% from 3.578 billion in 2019, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Rolling stock market in Europe is estimated at 18.5B Euros in 2020 or ~35% of the global market.

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) has reported that estimated total revenue for the European Union’s (EU) rail sector fell by around €26bn year-on-year in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with passenger operators accounting for €24bn of this figure.


SI No Timeline Company Developments
1 December 2021 Stadler Stadler is delivering its first double-decker multiple-unit trains to Slovakia.
2 November 2021 Hitachi Rail Hitachi Rail and Angel trains are set to trial retrofitting battery hybrid trains on Transpennine Express.
3 November 2021 Hitachi Rail Hitachi rail and Ferrovie Nord have signed a contract for 50 high capacity “Caravaggio” regional trains for the amount of €451,850,000.
4 October 2021 Hitachi Rail From London King’s Cross to Edinburgh the Lumo, a new 100% electric, affordable rail service has been inaugurated.
5 October 2021 CRRC The autonomous coach manufactured by CRRC Electric Vehicle Co Ltd has started its road condition demonstration in Paris, France.
6 July 2021 CRRC China’s first double-decker high-speed train has been exported to Europe with an operating speed of 200km/h.
7 February 2021 Hitachi Rail Hitachi Rail has successfully tested the first battery-powered tram in Florence in order to expand the vehicle market across the world.
8 January 2021 Stadler Stadler has delivered the first citylink tram-train in Hungary which will travel from Valencia to Szentes.
  1.  June 2021- Testing of Stadler class 777 independently powered electric multiple units (IPEMU) for Merseyrail has been completed and also fitted with batteries with the aim of using them beyond the electrified network.
  2. June 2021 – NEVOMO, formerly Hyper Poland, has signed an agreement with Polish company Ciech Sarzyna, to lease land and infrastructure that will allow the construction of a full-scale 750m MagRail test track.
  3. May 2021 – Siemens Mobility has secured a €110m ($134m) contract to upgrade and optimise the Kijfhoek freight railyard in the Netherlands. The contract was awarded by ProRail, a Dutch government organisation concerned with rail network maintenance
  4. Feb 2021– Spanish rolling stock manufacturer Talgo started the dynamic testing of its very high-speed train, the Talgo Avril
  5. Jan 2021- Alstom delivered the first of five ETR470 Pendolino trains to TRAINOSE(the biggest rail transport provider in Greece), thus marking the arrival of high-speed trains in Greece
  6. The future Europe-wide Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC) design has been selected. The standard coupler head design that has prevailed over other prototypes is the Scharfenberg type.
    • This decision is a milestone in the process that, during the next phases, will lead to transformation of coupling processes in European rail freight.
  7. A UK technology company is working on transforming a class 37 diesel locomotive from the 1960s into a hybrid motive power unit that could see service into the 2060s.
    • Motive Zero, the company behind the project is also working on an even earlier design, the pre-war shunter designated class 08, with the same ambition.
  8. The research and production unit of United Wagon Company (UWC), Russia’s largest manufacturer of freight cars, will deliver a batch of new generation flat cars for the transportation of timber to the Manufacturing Unitary Enterprise, Vitebsk Sawmill (part of the Estonian investment group of companies Kaamos), one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of edged softwood timber in Belarus.
    • The shipment is planned until the end of Q1 2022.
  9. The 170m long Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) was launched in May 2021, and it covered the first mile cutting through a mix of chalk and flint beneath the Chiltern hills just outside London.
    • The 2,000 tonne Tunnel Boring Machine, Florence, has surpassed the one-mile mark during construction of the first tunnels for Britain’s new high-speed rail link between London, Birmingham and the north
  10. Network Rail introduces leaf blasting trains across the North West. Network Rail has today launched a fleet of several specialist trains, whose job is to remove and wash away leaf debris across the North West rail route this autumn 2021.



SI No Timeline Company Developments
1 November 2021 Alstom Alstom inaugurates the new component manufacturing facility in Coimbatore in the presence of the Ambassador of France.
2 September 2021 Alstom Alstom has handovered the first set of trains for the Kanpur Metro, to Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC).
3 March 2021 Alstom Alstom has been awarded by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) contract in order to design, manufacture, supply and test the 234 metro cars to the Mumbai Metro Lines for the value of €220 million.

 Indian rolling stock manufacturing is majorly carried out by government owned companies but freight wagons and metro coaches are manufactured predominantly by private companies.

June 2022: CONCOR is one of India’s most well-known rail logistics firms . It has stated that it intends to invest in Rolling Stock and Infrastructure. Purchasing rolling stock, constructing infrastructure, and obtaining containers and equipment will be the primary areas of investment.

Indian Railways’ freight division is likewise working to improve last-mile connectivity and product offerings for its logistics clients. Internal accruals will account for the majority of capital expenditures. The rail freight company intends to buy rakes, which are now in the procurement process.

In the next three to four years, the corporation intends to buy large amount of containers.  In the next four to five years, CONCOR wants domestic activities to account for almost half of total sales.

The firm is also expanding its product line to include bulk cargo handling, which is in high demand in the cement industry. It intends to transport millions of  tonnes of cement each year.

June 2021: The Indian Government has approved a proposal to allot 5MHz spectrum in the 700MHz frequency band to Indian Railways. This project is expected to cost nearly $3.42bn  and will be finished in five years.

Feb 2020 : India’s Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL) awarded a $220M order ( @ ~$1M per coach, cheapest metro bid cost ever)contract to China’s CRRC Corporation’s subsidiary for 36 train sets consisting of 216 coaches. The awarded cost was almost $30M cheaper than that of the second bidder, Bombardier

Oct 2019– BEML which has ~almost 50% market share in metro cars in India inaugurated a bogie and traction motor testing facility at its metro car manufacturing plant at the BEML Bangalore Complex

Oct 2019– State run, loss making, Indian Railways planned to invite private domestic and international operators to bid for operating passenger trains on a lease basis on 25 inter-city routes covering distances from 500-700km.Private operators will be required to pay haulage fees along with the lease fee

Oct 2019- Indian Railways planned to procure 100 new trains by 2022 to increase the speed of services. Initially seven trains will be imported and the remaining trains will be manufactured in India under a technology transfer arrangement


City Proposed Length (in km)
Aizwal 5
Bengaluru 41
Chennai 111
Cuttack 30
Indore 63
Kanpur N/A
Kolkata 70
Noida Agra 200
Patna 32
Pune 52
Thiruvananthapuram 22
Tiruchirapalli 17
Warangal N/A
Approx Total 643+



SI No Timeline Company Developments
1 November 2021 Alstom Alstom and Innovia monorail system have signed a joint venture to deliver the first automated and driverless elevated monorail system in Wuhu.
2 October 2021 CRRC CRRC has started operating the fastest metro line for Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area of 160km/h.
3 September 2021 Alstom Alstom’s Chinese joint venture PBTS has won a contract for the Shenzhen Airport APM operation and maintenance contract.
4 July 2021 CRRC The first train of Ningbo Metro line 5 has made its debut in Jingtang Kangen Depot in China.
5 June 2021 Alstom Alstom’s chinese joint venture for the 240-car monorail fleet for the Wuhu city.

 May 2021 – China has started the construction of a test line in China’s Shanxi Province to handle maglev trains operating at speeds of up to 1,000km/h. The maglev project is being undertaken by the North University of China and the Third Research Institute at China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.

May 2021 –  In China Brand Expo, CRRC unveiled its high-speed maglev train with a speed of 600 km/h, transnational interconnected high-speed EMUs with a speed of 400 km/h, and smart train windows.

Jan 2021 – Bombardier Sifang (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd, was awarded a contract with China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. (CHINA RAILWAY) to provide maintenance service for 280 high-speed train cars (32 trains), which BST manufactured for China’s evolving high-speed rail network.

Jan 2021 – Alstom have been entrusted with seven metro projects across three of Mainland China’s top 10 populous cities – namely Chengdu, Shanghai and Xi’an

Jan 2021 – The new Prototype of the 600-kilometer-per-hour maglev train developed and manufactured by CRRC Sifang successfully completed a trial run on the maglev test line of Shanghai Tongji University.

Dec 2019– A hydrogen fuel cell Tram has started testing  in Foshan ahead of the opening of the city’s first tram route. CRRC Qingdao Sifang is supplying eight trams powered by hydrogen fuel cells developed with Canada based Ballard Power Systems

Sep 2019– The first of 49 driverless trains to operate on Shanghai metro Line 14 was officially rolled out by CRRC Nanjing Puzhen. The eight-car Type A trainsets are equipped with Bombardier’s Mitrac propulsion and control systems

Huawei has gained in-depth insight into railway transportation. Applying its leading communications and digital platform capabilities, Huawei and industry partners launched the innovative Smart Locomotive Solution, which uses 5G and AI. This solution reduces locomotive experts’ heavy workloads, enables more intelligent operations, and better ensures railway transportation safety, which helps CR-Xi’an embark on a smart journey.


June 2021 – WABTEC and General Motors (GM) are set to collaborate in the development and commercialisation of GM’s Ultium battery technology and Hydrotec hydrogen fuel cell system in Wabtec locomotives.

June 2021 – The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) in the US has introduced SmarTrip on Google Pay for streamlining the payment process for Metro and all regional transit providers.

March 2021 – Alstom received an initial order from Metra, the commuter rail system in the Chicago metropolitan area serving the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, to supply 200 push-pull commuter rail cars. This initial order of 200 rail cars is worth approximately $550 million.

March 2021 – Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority awarded Hitachi Rail a contract to supply the next generation of trains for the federal capital’s 165 km, six-route metro network.

Dec 2020 – Bombardier Transportation signed a contract with Mosaic Transit Partners Maintenance GP (MTM) to provide 30 years of maintenance services for the Finch West Light Rail Transit (LRT) project in Toronto

Sept 2020 – Bombardier Transportation and New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJ TRANSIT) has exercised an option for eight additional BOMBARDIER ALP-45 dual-power locomotives. NJ TRANSIT will now own 60 of these locomotives.


Russia accounts for 1/3rd of total freight wagon production followed by China. High capacity freight wagons (>61 tons payload) represent 63% of the fleet, compared to 3.5% in 1995.

In August 2020, Chinese National Railway estimated the national network to reach 200,000 route-km by the end of 2035, including 70,000 km of high-speed lines. This will significantly boost the wagon market value in coming years.

The DFC project in India is expected to impact the wagon production heavily and highest growth rate in terms of volume.

In Russia, UWC and UVZ were the largest freight wagon manufacturers in the country.Cumulatively, they accounted for ~50% of the market share in the wagon production in the country.

About 13 million rail freight car loads move per annum within North America but in Jan 2021, the YOY growth is down by ~8%.





SI No Timeline Company Sales
1 H1-2021 Stadler The net revenue of Stadler at the end of August 2021 was CHF 1.41 billion and in the previous year the revenue was

CHF 935 million.

2 H1-2021/22 Alstom The half-year ended in September has accounted for the sales of €7.44 billion and in 2020 the sales was €3.51 billion.
3 Q3-2021 CRRC Corporation From July to September the operating income of CRRC Corporation was RMB 48.9 billion.
4 Q3-2021 Greenbrier Companies At the end of the third quarter the revenue of GBX was $341.9 million and in the previous quarter the revenue was $202.1 million.
5 Q3-2021 Wabtec Corporation The net sales of Wabtec Corporation at the end of third quarter was $1.9 billion and in 2020 the net sales was $1.86 billion.
6 Q3-2021 Talgo At the end of the third quarter the revenue was €133.7 million and in the previous year the revenue was €122.7 million.
7 Q3-2021 BEML limited The third quarter total income of BEML limited was Rs 1,01,389 lakhs and in 2020 the income was Rs 66,976 lakhs.

 The Polish railway carrier LOTOS Kolej acquired and presented a state-of-the-art Vectron MS locomotive built by Siemens Mobility. The new addition to its fleet will endorse the fast-growing intermodal transport activities in Poland.

The shift2030 initiative claims to have launched the tool that will allow more shippers and logistics service providers to turn to rail freight. The MATCH2RAIL platform aims to provide visibility to customers who are currently not using rail and help them enhance combined transport solutions.

Oxygen, a companion towards the digitalization journey and predictive maintenance for railway infrastructures and rolling stock. Control, visualize, export, integrat and predict. Combined with Stimio’s railway-certified battery-powered IoT devices, Oxygen delivers everything you need in an all-in-one SaaS platform. From device management to visualization and prediction, Oxygen unlocks data’s potential and turns them into intelligent and actionable insights.

Alstom has signed a €300 million contract with Victoria’s Department of Transport (DoT) to locally supply 25 six-car X’trapolis trains for Melbourne’s suburban rail network.

The contract follows an extensive two-year interactive design process with the DoT to design and engineer a rolling stock solution, specifically compatible with Melbourne’s unique existing rail infrastructure.

This new generation X’trapolis will deliver a much-needed network capacity increase without the need for major, costly infrastructure and power supply upgrades. The new trains, in line with Alstom’s strategy to deliver greener and more sustainable mobility, will be more accessible, reliable and energy efficient.


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  • Important technology trends and regulatory changes
  • 5 key predictions for next 5 years in Global Rolling Stock Market
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