Global Railway Wiring Harness Market 2021-2026

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Wiring harness also known as cable assembly or wiring loom is a technique of laying down a set of wire in the specified manner throughout the skeleton or body or in infrastructure to transmit the signals or power from source to desired equipment.


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INTRODUCTION – Global Railway Wiring Harness Market 2021-2026

Wiring harness also known as cable assembly or wiring loom is a technique of laying down a set of wire in the specified manner throughout the skeleton or body or in infrastructure to transmit the signals or power from source to desired equipment.



Depending on application, the wire harness may extend from a few 100 meters to several kilometers. Binding a number of cables to harness helps them to secure the effect from vibration, abrasion, and moisture. The concept of wire harness becomes very important when it comes to sectors like automobiles, railways, aircraft, ship, etc.

Mobilization of population continuously towards an urban city in increasing the demand of public transportation. Countries like Spain, France, Germany, Japan and others have already developed their high speed railway transport system whereas countries like China and India are still expanding their high speed railway network throughout their country.




SI No Timeline Company Developments
1 November 2021 Nexans Nexans and 2Connect have been partnered for 20 years in order to provide solutions for cable designs.
2 October 2021 Leoni Leoni AG has signed an agreement with Bizlink Holding on the sale of the Business Group belonging to the Wire and Cable Solutions(WCS) Division.
3 September 2021 TE Connectivity TE Connectivity is set to expand its energy industry production site in Juarez, Mexico.
4 September 2021 TE Connectivity The world leader in connectivity and sensor, TE Connectivity has acquired the ERNI Group, a leading firm in electronic connectivity for automation and automotive applications.


 World is continuously changing day to day and new projects are introduced for better transport and comfort and the need of people is one of the main driving factors in the railway business as well. The world has started adopting the HSR (high Speed Rail) System.

According to the International Union of Railways (UIC) , the global HSR line is expanding at a much higher rate than expected and is expected to grow by more than 40000 km by 2025. Increase in traffic that is delaying and wasting the time of people is letting them to shift towards railways.

Countries like India have already run many projects for Indian railway like DFC, Metro developing in more than 5 cities, improving their existing infrastructure to make them feasible for high speed system, new design and more stable bogeys. China invested in more than 15 metro projects; European countries are promoting rapid transit systems.

Various countries have started adopting automated rail systems, driverless train transportation systems. Countries like India, China, UK, US, Mexico etc. are testing this system. The security system, latest and advanced equipment are being installed on trains for a better sense of security for people.

Electrification of railways came with some pros and cons as well. The power transportation line came up with a huge problem with phenomena known as corrosion due to environmental changes which require continuous maintenance. Otherwise the current and voltage flow can degrade the performance of railways equipment which may become a reason for increasing the maintenance cost.



 Railway Wiring Harness Market By Application

    • HVAC
    • Lighting
    • Traction system
    • Infotainment
    • Engine
    • Brake


 Railway Wiring Harness Market By Material

    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Other

Railway Wiring Harness Market By Train Type

    • Monorail/Metro
    • Light rail
    • HRS/Bullet Train


Railway Wiring Harness Market By voltage

    • High
    • Medium
    • Low


Railway Wiring Harness Market By Component

    • Wire
    • Connector
    • Terminal
    • Other


Railway Wiring Harness Market By Cable

    • Transmission Cable
    • Jumper Cable
    • Power Cable



As to complete the project in this sector the onsite work on equipment is required, these basics were halted due to pandemic. The companies had to announce closure of their work related activities.

After the lockdown the sharp decline in the demand of the coaches, bogeys, harnessing system and new project was not in focus by countries because their main objective was to bring their countries back on track and take them out of decline in GDP. They invested in basic needs like food, medicinal purposes, R&D for vaccines. The stock market of countries took a big hit, which led to another problem for MNCs listed in the market.

Raw material prices have fluctuated a lot during this period and it is also affected by the daily market of countries all over the world, this phenomenon makes this market the most uncertain.

Now the world is coming toward the surface from the depth of COVID crisis. The companies are expecting to get orders from different countries’ governments so that they may overcome their losses in the near future.



 Typically, a railway wiring harness is a group of cables and wires that have been trimmed to meet the requirements and needs of the devices and components before being linked to a transistor or a connector.

Due to the improved safety and service systems implemented all over the world, the railway wiring harness market has a significant amount of potential to expand throughout the forecast period.

The development of the railway wiring harness market is also significantly influenced by rising smart city projects and rising railway projects.

The Railway Wiring Harness market study report is crucial for the growth of any company. Get this report’s thorough market analysis to succeed in this cutthroat industry. This market study will definitely help increase sales and increase return on investment (ROI).

Businesses can choose from a variety of tactics with the help of the report’s estimates of CAGR values, market drivers, and market restraints. The DBMR team commits to providing the market report in a promising and anticipated manner.



The railway wiring harness market is expected to be US $ XX Billion in 2020 and expected to grow at XX% by 2026.

Some important megaproject that is going on like Confederation line (Canada), Abuja Light Rail (Nigeria), German Unification transport Project (Germany), AVE – Spain High speed railway network (Spain), Sound Transit (USA) and many other has huge impact on market of railway harness system.

Some upcoming projects like Thessaloniki Metro (Greece), Cross rail (U.K.), Sha Tin Central Link (Hong Kong), Grand Paris Express (France), Mumbai-Ahmedabad High speed rail corridor (India), etc. are going to increase the market in the coming future. The mentioned project and their size show how much potential is present in this market for the present and in the coming future because the migration never stops and moves from one place to another as well.



Asia pacific Market is expected to have the biggest bite in the railway wiring harness market by 2026. As developing countries like China and India are emerging at a faster rate in terms of GDP and their economic development sense, to increase the transportation load and decrease the time of travel the countries are continuously announcing dedicated projects throughout the country.

In recent development as well, a company named leoni has developed a new type of cable SPE (Standard single paired Ethernet). This company became the first to introduce this type of cable in the market.




SI No Timeline Company Launches
1 December 2021 NSI Industries NSI Industries has announced the launch of the PowerGRP cable which is designed to secure wire bundles and harness components in any applications.



Hitachi Metals makes railway harnesses using an innovative harness production line, based on its extensive experience in manufacturing rolling stock cable.

The harness production line at Hitachi is totally digitalized. This increases production operator productivity (due to paperless instructions), reduces production time, and eliminates human errors in the manufacture of complex harnesses.

Hitachi’s technology can help with any railway wire harnessing project by reducing lead times, saving money, and increasing dependability.

Hitachi’s harnesses have an information-embedded label with a QR code carrying a serial number for traceability and electrical circuit information for each wire end, taking advantage of digital data. To cut down on wire installation time, symbols or numbers as reference points for the installation root can be added to harnesses.

LEONI provides a completely product-oriented, individually tailored, customer-specific production environment for cable system solutions.

LEONI’s assembly expertise covers all of the standard connectors found in rail systems, as well as copper and fibre optic data lines. With copper-based and/or fibre optic networks, data transmission speeds of >10 GB/s are conceivable without any limitations. If necessary, they can also provide overmoulded connectors.

From tiny batch quantities and prototype development to large-scale production and long-term projects, LEONI provide solutions.




SI No Timeline Company Sales
1 Q3-2021 Leoni The sales of Leoni at the end of the third quarter was €1.16 billion and in the previous year the sales was €1.06 billion.
2 Q2-2021 Hitachi At the end of the second quarter the revenue of Hitachi was ¥4832.6 billion and in 2020 the revenue was ¥3760 billion.
3 Q2-2021 Furukawa The year ended in March 2021 has reported a net sales of ¥811.6 billion and in the previous year the net sales was ¥914.4 billion.
4 Q3-2021 Nexans At the end of the third quarter the sales of Nexans was €1.71 billion and in 2020 the sales was €1.48 billion.
5 Q2-2021 Taihan The sales of Taihan at the end of the second quarter was WON 4.14 billion and in the previous quarter the sales was WON 3.91 billion.
6 9M-2021 Prysmian Group The nine month sales of Prysmian group was €9.29 billion and in the previous year the sales was €7.48 billion.
7 H1-2021 Huber Suhner The half year ended in June 2021 has reported a sales of CHF 424.4 million and in 2020 the sales was CHF 376.7 million.



S.No Company Name Established Country, HQ
1 Hitachi Ltd. 1910 Tokyo, Japan
2 LS Cable & System 1962 Anyang, South Korea
3 Adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH 1979 Germany
4 Leoni AG 1917 Nuremburg, Germany
5 Prysmian Group 1879 Milan, Italy
6 Rockford Component Ltd. 1978 United Kingdom
7 Samvardhana Motherson International Ltd. 2004 Uttar Pradesh, India
8 Furukawa Electric Co. 1896 Tokyo, Japan
9 Jiangnan Group 1997 China
10 TE Connectivity 2007 Switzerland
11 Nexans 2000 Paris, France
12 Sumitomo Electric Industries 1897 Osaka, Japan
13 Taihan Electric Wire Co. Ltd. 1955 South Korea
14 huber+suhner 1864 Switzerland
15 Kaynes Technology India Private Ltd 1988 India



    1. Railway Wiring Harness Market size and Forecast, by region, by application
    2. Average B-2-B price for Railway Wiring Harness Market, by region, per user
    3. Technology trends and related opportunity for new Railway Wiring Harness Market tech suppliers
    4. Railway Wiring Harness Market share of leading vendors, by region,
    5.  Coronavirus impact on Railway Wiring Harness Market earnings

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