Company Report & Profile IVU Traffic Technologies 2021

A useful method for assessing and understanding the attractiveness of a market lies in analysing the structure and behaviour of the companies active in the market. This infor-mation is not only important for competitors and investors, but also for politicians and national and international economic promoters as well as science and research. Sound company information is necessary for the assessment of market structures and the be-haviour of market players.


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Company Report & Profile IVU Traffic Technologies 2021
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    Company Report & Profile – IVU Traffic Technologies AG 2021

    IVU Traffic Technologies is a globally active and listed software company which operates in the transport industry. The company was founded in Berlin in 1976 and went public in 2000 with 200 employees at that time. The company now employs over 700 people and offers complete software solutions for public transport worldwide. Since 2010, IVU has
    offered a software solution specifically for rail transport.

    The report analyses the development of the company in the past years, describes the product portfolio, compiles the key figures, describes the organisation and the management level, names the main strategic decisions and implemented measures. Within the framework of strengths and weaknesses analyses (SWOT analyses), market trends are mapped onto the company’s potential and examined.


    The following sources of information are used for the ASTRAN Company Reports:

      • annual reports,
      • company websites,
      • press releases,
      • investor presentations,
      • analyst ratings,
      • ASTRAN Rail Market Data Base.

    The ASTRAN Company Reports offer a fundamental insight into the respective company reality and thus create a basis for well-founded entrepreneurial and political decisions. ASTRAN’s many years of industry experience and analytical qualifications allow us to identify existing trends and drivers in the markets and use them to make well-founded forecasts about future company development.


    ASTRAN Business Consulting GmbH

    ASTRAN is an experienced management service provider for technology-oriented companies. With creative strategies, systematic market development and excellent project and process management, we create scope for your sustainable business success.

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