Italy Railway AI Market 2022-2030

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Italy Railway AI Market 2022-2030


AI in the rail industry makes it possible to offer real-time, dynamic, and demand-responsive train services. This effect would significantly enhance consumer train services.

Utilize AI to continually and in-the-moment analyse the enormous amounts of sales data for railway tickets. In order to deliver the most effective rail service possible, AI employs this data to rapidly modify train schedules and train routes.

The greatest technology for this is artificial intelligence (AI), which can learn how the intricate network of train tracks not only functions but also reacts to service interruptions, maintenance needs, and unforeseen events like bad weather, point failures, or trespassers.


The Italy Railway AI Market accounted for $XX Billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach $XX Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of XX% from 2022 to 2030.


Axians participated in a project in Italy that used a cutting-edge ground-to-train data communications technology to increase security and provide passengers with new amenities.

The linked, intelligent, and safe train of the future is foreshadowed by the Treno Sicuro (Safe Train) project. Ente Autonomo Volturno (EAV), a transport business in Campania, tested communications equipment over a 4 km section of the San Giorgio-Volla tunnel and in a prototype train.

The system offers dependable broadband connectivity even when the train is moving thanks to modern Wi-Fi capabilities. The goal is to ensure higher customer safety, better data, image, and train location monitoring, as well as more effective in-train services.

Axians was selected for this project through its Italian Business Unit of Transportation Rail and Road in cooperation with internet networking equipment industry leader Cisco.

A digital infrastructure being built by AlmavivA, one of Italy’s top system integrators, will enable the train system to take advantage of what contemporary technology has to offer.

Terabytes of data are processed and managed by a data system run by Lombardi utilising Nutanix software. The solution must work with military and regulatory bodies who have strict requirements for data control and security.



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